In 2012, we warned that the end of the world came


February 9, 2010 NASA plans to launch into space a unique device — Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which five years will be to follow the sun.

As reported, in addition to physical measurements will continuously take it off, passing to 60 images per minute. And that, experts say, will gather as much data as it was not possible in previous years.
"We will keep track of all potentially hazardous to Earth events" — promises to Barbara Thompson, chief scientist for the project. Analyzing the data, and video, made up of successive images, scientists expect to understand what processes inside the Sun correspond to anomalies observed from the outside.
Last year, NASA scientists made a presentation. They are waiting for the sun of a global catastrophe — the end of the world. In a very real sense that scientists threaten his — of the world — will not be on the planet. The reason will become geomagnetic storms of unprecedented strength, caused by the huge solar flares — the so-called coronal mass ejections.
The Americans predict the deaths of millions of his countrymen in the near future after the disaster year. And paint a terrible picture: stop trains, elevators, industrial production, falling satellites, aircraft, stops water and heat. Flow refrigerators. Silent radio, no TV show, cut off communication … The end. There's no light. And will not.

Maya are known to have appointed End of the World on December 21, 2012. At least blame them for that. The American scientists it — the end — a little closer — for some reason on September 22.

It seems that NASA genuinely fear their own forecasts. But their hopes on SDO — a warning that must be done with this orbiting laboratory.

Author: Irina Share

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