In a working village Novospasskoe (Ulyanovsk region). Opened sports complex

In a working village Novospasskoe Ulyanovsk region built a sports complex, which includes building an indoor skating rink with artificial ice stadium with stands, block heating plant, transformer substation. The complex of sports facilities at the stadium includes a football field with artificial turf, two circular and four straight running track with a self-leveling coating "Elastur 'gym complex, stands for 100 spectators.

The total estimated cost of the entire facility was approximately 250 million rubles. In this case, 120 million came from the federal budget, and nearly 130 are consolidated budget of the Ulyanovsk region

The purpose of the construction of the skating rink with artificial ice with the planar sports facilities — the creation of a sports center in the south of the Ulyanovsk region, intended for competitions and training sessions on ice hockey, figure skating, track and field, basketball, volleyball, football, weightlifting and other sports, the development of sports infrastructure, promotion of mass and professional sports.

The building is a two-story indoor ice rink. On the ground floor gym with an ice field and bleachers for 204 seats, gym weightlifting and general physical training, lobby, office, cloakroom, drying, placing the point of skates, a pantry, a coach, a cloakroom, a medical office, a room of judges, inventory, room ldouborochnogo harvester, household, technical and auxiliary facilities.

On the first floor is a methodical study, dance class, a cafeteria, a radio room, office, household and utility rooms.


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