In Belarus in December 2010 was the coldest in the last decade

In Belarus in December 2010 was the coldest in a decade.  Photo: talks.guns.ruDecember 2010 was the coldest and snow in Belarus over the last decade, BelTA learned from head of the National Weather Service Climate Elena Komorowski.

The air temperature in December to an average of minus 7 degrees, which is below normal by 3 degrees. The largest negative deviations from the norm are marked in the Grodno region (minus 4 degrees), the lowest — in Gomel region (minus 2.5 degrees). Month has been uneven: the first two decades were respectively 5.2 degrees and 5.5 degrees below normal, and the third decade was warmer than normal by 1.1 degrees. Weather station Woodland December 1 registered the lowest air temperature in December 2010 — minus 29.5 degrees, the highest — in Brest December 24 (plus 9.2 degrees).

In Belarus in December fell about 62 mm of rain during the climatic norm of 44 mm, ie 140% to normal. The Vitebsk region was the highest rainfall — 75 mm. This happens in the region about once every 30 years. In the Grodno region rainfall is close to normal and to 46 mm (101%).

The snow cover this winter was formed in the last days of November (1-2 decades earlier than usual) and held during December. At December 31, the height ranged from 15 cm in Bragin and Gomel up to 44 cm in Polotsk. From 14 weather stations (Vitebsk, Minsk and Brest region), the height of the snow cover on the last day of the month was the highest for the entire observation period.

According to the National Weather Service, January 3, the snow depth in Belarus is 16 cm to 57 cm Mozyr in Polotsk. For Polotsk is a record not only of the day, but the winter: earlier this maximum height was recorded in winter 1964/1965 year — 56 cm

In Minsk, the height of the snow drifts in the first days of January, too, has grown considerably and now stands at 35 cm, the highest snow cover in the Belarusian capital of the postwar period of meteorological observations.

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