In California, in a mysterious forest, do not operate some of the laws of physics


One of the most mysterious places on the planet are located in California, U.S.. There are no certain laws of physics. Balls rolling down an inclined plane is not down, and up, the items that need to be vertical, are at an angle to the ground, and people can walk on the wall.

It is said that the first Indians of this place opened. Warriors of the Ohlone tribe, who lived on the West Coast of America, not just the mystical rites performed here. Fortunately, the mystery in this California forest and truth abound.

There is clearly something does not add up. No matter how many try, right up still fail. Pulls to the ground, and it's not a figure of speech. In Newton's apple, can, and fell down, but here the law of gravity works differently.




Dhruva Noel, the guide: "Some laws of physics give this place a failure, for example, the force of gravity. Things themselves are rolling up, not down. Tilt angle is greater than is possible to imagine, and people here seem to be above or below its present growth. All this takes place in a limited area, where we now stand. "

To build a summer home for the family on a hillside 70 years ago here decided by local businessman George Preyter. Bought land, hired carpenters. And then the problems started. The house was rebuilt several times, but he still crooked. According to the calculations, it was all right, carpenter's level — spirit level — showed a completely flat plane. Wooden house slid down over the years, but rumors of a mysterious place with it has spread throughout the county.
On the natural anomalies have long been known, such places are everywhere. Mysterious forest in California, though large, but the radius of the vicious circle — only 50 meters.

Dhruva Noel, the guide: "Many people think that since the house at an angle, so that we are standing, but if you tear off your feet off the floor, we still do not pull down and forward, some force pushes us out of here."

Inspect the mysterious forest in California, scientists are coming regularly, but can not find an explanation, and versions are born one after another, "under too much magnetic ore", "at this point there is gravity anomaly" and, of course, "there once was smashed flying plate ".
Version of what was once flew here by aliens, though not the most plausible, but it sounds fascinating. Everyone who was here, trying to find answers to many questions. And chief among them — as contrary to all known laws of all happens the other way around? In physics classes in high school, we were not told about it.

Andrei Cherkasov

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