In Canada, found a Chupacabra


Unusual animal found on the shore of a lake in the Canadian province of Ontario, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the site of the city Kitchenuhmeykusib (Kitchenuhmaykoosib), whose residents have photographed wild animals.

Two local nurses in early May were walking around the lake, when accompanied by their dog jumping into the water, pulled out a strange creature. The animal was dead.

Frightened his appearance woman took some photos, and then hurried back to the city. When returned to the place of finding a group of citizens, the animal was not there already — perhaps it was the victim of scavengers.

The pictures posted on the city website, the animal is seen about half a meter long, its body is covered with thick brown hair as opposed to the legs, tail and snout, which are completely devoid of the coat. At that stick out of the mouth of the beast canines resembling boar.




Unusual find has inspired the enthusiasm of the supporters of cryptozoology (the study of hidden animals) around the world: in their view, found near Kitchenuhmeykusiba beast once again proves the possibility of the existence of such legendary kriptidov as the Chupacabra, the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot.


Cryptozoology remind that recently near New York was discovered another previously unknown piece of wildlife — the so-called Montauksky monster.



Meanwhile, supporters of the traditional scientific view believe that Montauksky monster is nothing like a raccoon who suffered a rare type of alopecia. Most likely, the beast of Kitchenuhmeykusiba — it's an otter with an unknown genetic disease or a mutation, they say.

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