In Chekhov near Moscow, after the cap. Repair opened maternity CHRB number 1

Repair work was carried out here about six years. For them in the framework of the regional healthcare modernization program was allocated 70 million rubles, more than 15 million rubles drawn from the local budget. Reinventing the building meets modern requirements. In all wards bathroom and shower, a special console for the supply of medical gases. All the old windows replaced with plastic: paneled walls, floors, provided the HVAC system. Equipped with pre-natal wards and delivery rooms, operating light. Neonatal intensive care unit is also equipped with expensive equipment.

To equip the hospital purchased new equipment worth about 30 million rubles, including incubators for newborns, "Rakhmanov bed" equipped with hydraulics, upscale unit with Doppler ultrasound, indispensable in a complex system of prenatal diagnosis. In addition to the equipment in all areas completely replaced furniture. Of the four floors of the hospital two takes maternity ward in which twenty beds for pregnant women and the same for the kids. The first floor housed the gynecology department at the 53 seats on the second — the department of pathology designed for 30 patients.

At the time of the opening in the department received an updated two mothers.

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