In Dagestan cleared overlapped by rockfall road to five villages

Experts have cleared the way for the five villages in the mountainous region of Dagestan, which was littered with stones after the withdrawal of floods due to heavy rains, told RIA Novosti the MOE Dagestan.

At 11.50 MSK Sunday in the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry in Dagestan, it was reported that in the area Ahtynskom republic because of heavy rains and mudslides occurred gathering rockfall on the road "Akhty-Smugul." This resulted in the blocking of roads to villages Smugul, Hnov, Phee, and Gdynk Hryug. Bypass roads to these villages do not. In the cut-off from the outside world population centers are 1.48 and five thousand households socially important facilities. They reside 7.162 thousand people, including thousands of children 1.959. Victims and survivors of people do not, damage homes, too.

"Highway" Akhty-Smugul "cleared. Movement restored in full. Additional works on the expansion of the roadway in order to avoid repeated falls of ground," — said the source.

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