In Division CBR defense SOUTH received new equipment and weapons systems

This year, NBC Military District troops arrived and successfully operated several units BMO-T (Combat Vehicle flamethrower — Heavy). BMO-T provides a flamethrower higher level of protection, comfort and ergonomic working conditions compared with machines that were created on the basis of the BMP-1 and BMP-2.

For heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "Sunlight" received new powerful unguided projectiles caliber 220 mm (BDSH-5). Shells are designed to deliver a thermobaric mixture to the goal of bringing it into force, creating excessive pressure and thermal fields in the target area.

For aerosol screen laying and camouflage army pstumble more than 10 sets of electronic controls aerosol fields (boundaries) RPG-8x, designed for remote actuation of the 288 smoke grenades and other weapons with electric start. One set can provide staging aerosol screen of not less than 1.5 m for 2 hours. Currently, the replacement of obsolete RPO-A district army infantry come jet RPO PDM-A "Bee-M", which are combat capabilities far superior to its predecessor.

Also coming into service that rivals the best foreign analogues chemical reconnaissance vehicle RHM-6 (chemical reconnaissance vehicle with a set of "lidar" remote detection of contaminated zones highly toxic substances and chemicals in the technical application of toxic substances and accidents (destruction) on NBC dangerous objects), equipment which is mounted on the base of BTR-80-terrain. They replaced an earlier machine modification RHM-4-01.

Located by car satellite navigation system allows you to quickly get all the information about the infection terrain and objects in real time, showing it on an electronic map and pass through an automated command and control system, as well as with the weather set to predict the dynamics of the CBRN environment.



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