In Dnepropetrovsk house wound up pest-poltergeist


In one of the houses in Dnepropetrovsk — settled ghosts. So the locals joke.

The story is. In the two apartments, which are located in remote doorways, but belong to one owner — began leaking ceilings. Where does the water — is not clear. Because all communication is normal, and up to the roof — five floors.

Liquid is collected on the wallpaper, and then — suddenly erupts on people. In neighboring apartments — all amazingly dry. The victims appealed to the public utilities, but they got help from the original.

The cause of flooding housing office did not seek, however, advised residents … repent of sin and to sanctify the apartment! Allegedly, the reason for the supernatural communal disaster — bad karma. Local authorities say — public utilities easier to blame the poltergeist that just do not perform their duties.

Alexander Gale, head of the local housing department, "Almost all the housing office was there. Well, guys are not stupid, not the first day of work. Find the leak we could not. No representation we have. As our hypothesis, they are engaged in self-harm there. Sprinkles of the circles on top. "
Igor Tsirkin, member of the City Council of Dnepropetrovsk: "This is not the problem of utility, it is an attitude problem people today who are in bureaucratic positions, led by ZhEKami. Where is the most common humanity, love for people …"


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