In Feodosia chestnuts bloom

In Feodosia chestnuts bloom

This week in the center of Feodosia, despite the bad weather, the flowers appeared chestnuts.
Last year, Ukraine has been anomalous autumn flowering chestnuts. This year again, the trees threw their "spark." Old-timers say that it is a sign of warm winter.

And according to experts, autumnal chestnut — a rare phenomenon, but it is no good tree is not promising: it is an indication that he is infected chestnut leaf-mining moth-eaten or Ohrid (Cameraria ohridella).

According to one version, moths migrated from North America, where there are several other species of chestnut trees. The second version — mole turned to chestnuts with maple trees, but not in Europe, and in Central Asia and in Japan. Zoologists with pheromone traps were looking Cameraria ohridella in Central Asia, but did not find anything.

Since 1986, overcoming every year 150 — 200 kilometers, butterfly through Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland reached the Ukraine, Russia, and our latitude. Entomologists agree that the main way it has spread — highway, lined with horse chestnut tree.

Most of the affected trees — in parks and forest belts along the roads, where almost no clean dead leaves. Less damaged chestnuts on the streets.

Overwinters in fallen leaves mole: a kilogram of dry leaves, according to experts, can get up to 140 thousand species of moths. During the summer mole gives three generations.

Author: Svetlana Kleps

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