In Feodosia on the shore dead dolphins

— Sea massively washed ashore injured dolphins, yesterday (May 7) along the shore lay a dozen dolphins that have the same injury in the form of cuts in the abdomen. This morning again swept ashore two dolphin carcasses with the same wounds, all fresh wounds from which the blood flows. Dead Dolphins lie along the shore and decompose in the sun. Over the last 15-20 days emissions continue daily dolphin bodies — said Daria.

Senior Researcher Karadag Nature Reserve and the laboratory director Sergei Krivokhizhin Bram said that it happens every spring.

— Each year, at the height of the season catching flounder and sea katrana washed ashore dead dolphins, — he said. — In Crimea there are two main areas of the phenomenon: Theodosia and the Gulf Coast Evpatoria. Daily masses in the spring of dolphins are killed in fishing nets. Most have beached dolphins no tail or fins, fishermen cut them to pull out of the networks.

Sergey also explained why the bodies of dolphins are fresh wounds.

— In most cases this is a consequence of the seagulls. But there are cuts and other origin. For example, animal lovers can carve the meat in order to feed the animals. There may also be those who use dolphin oil for various purposes — said senior researcher.

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