In Halshany White Panna still taking revenge for his death


Ekaterina Guseva

It is believed that the ghosts are found mainly in England. There, there are even special signs "Caution, ghosts!". But it turns out that excite the imagination of the history of the White and Black Pannah monks for centuries and are prevalent in our country. Just in Belarus so far no one has been heavily involved in unwinding the topic. But the more interesting!

Dear readers! You probably had to travel to Belarus. And even managed to get there, where no tourist has gone before … To see what no one has seen. Send us please your stories and photos of the most memorable trips of the most beautiful and mysterious places. We are pleased to publish them on the pages of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" this summer. And, maybe, someone even go along your route for impressions or … haunted …

"The sinister and monstrous" and its inhabitants

Golshany … In the "Encyclopedia of mysterious places in the world" (V.Chernoborov "Encyclopedia of mysterious places in the world", Minsk, "Veche", 2007), this tiny village is adjacent to the Bermuda Triangle. Here, for no apparent reason rush hours, lighted film, but the main thing — is, according to many witnesses, home to several ghosts.

We keep the path to the old castle. "Sinister, monstrous! And not on a hill, not at a distance, a person somehow managed to prepare and face-to-face, like an unexpected blow of the sword "- so described him Vladimir Karatkevich in the story" The Black Castle Olshansky. " I would add that the castle as if guarding pilgrims in the dense undergrowth. From this association unpleasant chill runs between the shoulder blades. Although the former greatness of the left a little bit — the picturesque arch-overlapping so dilapidated hexagonal tower. But they have become home to two ghosts.

Legend has it that once rootless guy loved the princess. Beauty reciprocated, and a young man dressed as a monk, he began to go and see the castle to "converse" with a lover. Soon the deception was revealed, and maddened tycoon (one version — the father, on the other — the husband) ordered both immured alive in the tomb. Since then wander around the neighborhood and the Black Monk and White Panna. Local residents say that the ruins often hear the sound of footsteps, sighs and sobs.

Some time in the 400-year-old Golshansky monastery housed a branch of the National Art Museum of Belarus (two years ago gave the monastery of the Catholic community). Czeslaw Okulevich, managed by the agency, told an amazing story: "About six years ago on the ruins of the castle decided to celebrate New Year restorer and painter from Lithuania Sergiyus Zhdanovichus. He and his wife went to the ruins. The weather was calm, but as soon as they uncork the champagne, as the wind picked up, and hang them was something like a miniature tornado. That's when our romance panicked and down dale, through snowdrifts ran all the way home. "

White Panna from Franciscan Monastery

The street agrotown Golshany immersed in a viscous midday nap, we walk to the central square, to the very Franciscan Monastery where a shelter has found yet another legendary ghost — "namesake" the ghost of the castle, White Panna.

According to legend, one of the walls of the monastery during the construction of constantly falling apart. Meanwhile Sapieha (Golshan owner) has threatened to builders severe punishment if they did not have time to date. On the advice of a witch masons decided to bring a human sacrifice — his wife, who before the others come with dinner. The youngest builder passionately prayed that it was not his beloved wife. But where really there! That's it, and walled up alive in the ill-fated wall. Cases immediately went smoothly, and August 6, 1618 were built two large object: the church, which was consecrated in the name of John the Baptist and the Franciscan Monastery. Since then, the building of the monastery was never destroyed, not rebuilt, and so would have remained a story about a poor girl a beautiful legend, if not for one event.

Czeslaw Okulevich recalls: "In 1997, while cleaning the basement beneath the wall of the monastery, two workers found a female skeleton. The builders have collected the remains of the box and set out to bury them later. But after a change of men went to "have a beer", and the bones just … lost. That's when it began …



In the basement of the monastery in 1997, builders have found a female skeleton around which spun real detective …

The workers have died under mysterious circumstances. One went out to smoke, so he was found sitting with a cigarette on a bench near the house. Another suddenly grabbed the heart, and he also died. Although both were not yet old. Wall gave an impressive crack, and in the monastery of mystical things began to happen … "

About some cases Czeslaw Okulevich says:

"One morning I came to work and found that the light is everywhere. I was angry with the forgetful employees and started off the electricity. In one room at the same time with me to the switch as a ghostly hand reached out, and the lights went out before I touched a button. You would have heard, with which I ran screaming out! And once out of the basement I heard a baby crying, but no baby there, of course, could not be. "

However, the lost bones have not disappeared completely. Once they are "popped up" in a completely unexpected place. This case was told by another former employee of the museum's branch Galina Chimbor: "About five years ago to come to us on a tour of Oshmyan officials, among them was Grushevskii that was formerly deputy chief sanitary doctor of the district, listened to my story about the ghost and the remains of the lost, and then said he saw the box in the garage of a friend svogo also held a high position. Later I learned that the garage owner had serious trouble … Believing that the cause of misfortunes may be the remains enigmatic, it has caused the military to those taken out the box. Soon, one officer left the area, and Grushevskii, who took his post, was killed in a terrible car accident. But what became of the remains, I do not know … "

Squeak, Rumble grids have heard the groans of the museum workers and travelers who dared to stay in the monastery for the night. Some even saw a ghost — all descriptions appears white dress decayed, graceful neck, large and very sad eyes … But shoot anomaly on the film failed to anybody. Did not seem capricious lady, and Russian scientists, who do not come in one day Golshany, although the equipment each time going wild.

Here we are, with just a few shots in the courtyard of the monastery, suddenly discovered that the batteries … sat down. But there were very fresh!

Tricks of the Black Nuns

A sudden thunderstorm with blazing sky and the deafening thunder — that was the first impression of the ancient Nesvizha. Hunching his shoulders, darkly splashed through the puddles.

Finally, a flash of lightning appears as a magnificent Parish Church or the Church of Corpus Christi (XVI c.), Family tomb of the Radziwill family. Temple gained notoriety. Of course! After all, there are more than 70 preserved graves. It is remarkable that Nicholas Orphan Krzysztof Radziwill, who founded the crypt in 1583 brought out of Egypt embalming recipe. After that, until the XIX century mummified body Radziwill. Given that some of the mummies are more than 400 years of experience may be considered udavshimsya.

Separate niche in the crypt is the burial of Catherine Radziwill and her six children who died too early. At midnight from the Crypt often heard the rustle of wings and a heart-rending cries. It is in the form of an owl, a werewolf mourns their toddlers poor mother …

Buildings of the former convent benediktianok (XVI c.), Now fallen into the disposal Nesvizhsky State College. Ya.Kolas, chosen by Black Nun. It is not known for what sins soul poor man can not find rest, but they say the ghost is especially hard on frivolous female students. Their nun and tweaks can be very scare in the dark.

The last time the ghost appeared in the dormitory a couple of months ago. 1st year student Anastasia Shishko able to remove ghost "digicam": "We took pictures with the girls in the room. Nothing unusual is seen, but on the image, between the bed and the closet was it — a bunch of smoke in the form of a nun. At first, it was scary to live in the room, but then got used to, because the more it does not manifest itself. "

Continued in the next issue. You know what else inhabits the ghost Nyasvizh and feared that the restorers of Leeds Castle.

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