In Iceland, there was a new eruption


In Iceland, the volcano erupts again. Smoke and ash from the Grimsvotn volcano rose to a height of 20 kilometers. On Sunday morning, 22 May, closed Keflavik International Airport, just outside of Reykjavik. Transatlantic flights, following through Iceland, sent to other airports. Also canceled all domestic flights in the country.

Experts say that this eruption will have consequences that are comparable to the volcanic eruption Eyyafyadlayekudl, which occurred in March last year. Ash from the volcano Grimsvotn is more dense and heavy, so he quickly settled down. While ash Eyyafyadlayekudlya was much smaller and a long stay in the air, according to BBC.

Recall that last year's volcanic eruption in Iceland led to the cancellation of flights to Europe in 5 days. As a result, were not able to fly about 10 million passengers. Grimsvotn volcano last erupted in 2004.





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