In Italy, the river overflows its banks on

New rainfall and flood victims in Italy. In the Naples area of two people in a car swept by powerful streams of water until they are officially listed as missing. Another man waited wife of the church, was killed by a tree that fell on his car.

In Genoa over the weekend killed or missing at least six people, including a woman with two young children. Local journalists compared the tsunami flooding. The city banned the movement of machines, schools are closed and most of the shops. Some areas remained without electricity and gas.

Continuous rains across the country for two weeks.

Flooding threatens to flood the famous ruins of Pompeii. They, of course, closed to the public.

Threatened to withdraw from the shores of the largest river in Italy — Po. In the vicinity of Turin has struck one of the bridges across it. In the city the river level rose by five meters. It also limited the movement of vehicles and closed schools. Many residents evacuated from dangerous areas.

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