In Kerch garbage truck sank into the ground

Rend the asphalt under the wheels of the car.
This morning, 15.12.2010, next to the Station House on Highway 51-A under the asphalt fell through garbage, reports

— I was traveling on its route, pick up trash from the tanks, the highway is the Station area, which I serve, — the portal of Kerch city garbage truck driver Nicholas. — And anything suspicious on the road was not — water poured out of a leaky pipe, as usual.

He turned off the road in the direction of the garbage area and asphalt .. suddenly fell through the machine. The front right wheel clean sweep device deeply mired in the pit, which washed the water.

— I called the tractor, trying to pull the car, picking through garbage lifting mechanism, but it was to no avail — complained the driver.

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