In Kharkiv wolves attacked the farm

It was no less than five of predators, in the wake of the teeth shows that adult wolf had a calf by the neck /
In Bohr's a pack of wolves attacked the farm. This was the "Today" told local game wardens. A few days ago at night predators made their way to the farm, as a result of the Blitzkrieg one animal died, ten — were injured.

"They came at night — says hunters Borovsky District Vitaly Shevchenko. — Tore a calf so that the interior could be seen as much. "

The hunters say the wolf came to the area about a year ago — then the "gray" severed goat.

"They always come in about the same time in August and September, — says Nikolay Shevchenko. — By this time the cubs grow up, and parents usually places them on the hunt. At this time, I think it was at least five predators. On the trail of the teeth shows that adult wolf had a calf's neck. "

According hunting specialist, wolf is unlikely to return on the same farm, they say, too much of fuss.

"Wolf — a very neat animal, if she returns and sees that since he came something changed — immediately run away, — said Shevchenko. — Even the hunter to see him hard. " But the man said game wardens, animal attacks are extremely rare.

Paul Fedosenko

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