In Lviv in Podgoreckaya explore the castle ghost


In Podgoreckaya castle in Lviv on August 28, the hunt for ghosts. In the role of hunters were American researchers of the "Ghostbusters." Today, August 31, the researchers shared their impressions of what he saw.

"During our experiments, ghosts spoke Polish. We have a sensational photos that we will soon show. Also during our communication with ghosts on the walls of the castle there was an inscription, "- said the researcher, local historian Igor Zhuk.

The finalist of the TV project "The Battle of psychics," Elena Kurilova psychic claimed to have seen in the castle Podgoreckaya two ghosts. "It is in the courtyard of the castle was the emotion of anxiety. In one of the rooms and saw a white silhouette of a girl, she was standing by the fireplace. This ghost is not aggressive, significantly lighter sadness. The second ghost is living in the basement, he's wearing a German military uniform.

Psychic Larissa Antoniuc also confirms the presence of ghosts in the castle Podgoreckaya: "The feeling in the castle was special spirit led to the basement. In the basement was a solid dark, but I did not feel fear. It was the ghost of a woman who was brutally murdered. She led me to the park and said she wants her bones buried. "

Ghostbusters instead talked about experiences with otherworldly creatures around the world. "We traveled all over the world. In Iceland we saw the image of the prisoner. The Philippines spoke with ghosts, were able to record voice. Ghosts say that we came at the wrong time. For example, in Romania, we talked a haunted Romanian "- said the researcher Bury Fitzgerald.

Catchers in ghosts donated 1 million dollars for the restoration of Podgoretskii. As told by him Woźnicki, the program lock Americans advertise to the whole world. All the secrets Podgoret castle will be open in January 2011, because by the time the researchers are not allowed to talk about what they have seen in the castle, according to Gal-info.

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