In Moscow after reconstruction opened a factory for the production of compound feed

Sept. 8 opening of the feed mill "Hercules" in Klin. The completion of the investment project on the reconstruction of the company "Provimi" celebrated in a festive atmosphere and showed the main production facilities.

Investment volume: more than 10 million euros. No. of employees: 50 people.

The investment project on the reconstruction of the plant was started in 2009. During the year, the design was made. The works themselves began in March 2010 and ended in the summer of 2011go. Total for the reconstruction of the plant has been spent over 10 million euros.

As a result of the reconstruction of the plant into a modern high-tech enterprise. The technology consists of a line of loose and granular feed, the capacity of 20 tons per hour production line predstarternyh and starter feed capacity of 10 tons per hour, and the lines for the production of concentrates — 20 tons per hour.

The company has a laboratory equipped with the latest devices for controlling the quality of products at all stages of production.

Production at the plant "Hercules" as is automated. The workers will work in three shifts, just 12 professionals. A total staff of about 50 people.

The company installed new equipment Swiss company "Bueller" and the Danish company "Andris Matador." With this in Klin is unique to the Russian feed milling company with three lines of mixing, granulating line 3, 12 weight feeders and 4 packing lines, two of which are fully automated. Today, "Hercules" can produce 3 types of feed: this complete feed of any complexity and any species predstarternye and starter feed quality and concentrates.

The company plans to "Provimi" — the construction of a plant for the production of premixes.

Reference: International Holding "Provimi" — the world leader in the production of premixes, protein-vitamin-mineral supplements, feed for animals, special feed. "Provimi" produces forage products and develops feeding programs for all types of livestock, poultry and fish.

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