In Moscow completed the modernization of the strategically important power center

Moscow United Electric Grid Company launched the final phase of the modernization of the strategically important energy hub that provides electricity and a large part of Khimki Solnechnogorsky areas. In a kind of "triangle" consists of three high-voltage substations, "airport", "Glider" and "Sheremetyevo". Completion of works is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Work on the substation "Airport" made in 2011. Technical experts of the branch of OJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid" — Northern Electric Networks installs a new high-power transformers, gas-insulated switchgear mounted, install modern systems of remote control and relay protection.

Complex reconstruction of these substations will create a host of "absolute power reliability" in the center of which is located among other consumers Sheremetyevo International Airport and Cargo Aircraft Cargo Terminal. The purpose of the event — to exclude the possibility of an overload or power shortage in the area of strategic facilities in the event of technical violations at one of the centers of power.

The next step is to strengthen the energy security of the northern air port in the capital region will be the construction of two underground cable lines "DolgoprudnayaAirport 1" and "Dolgoprudnaya — Airport 2." This will allow in the future to completely eliminate the influence of external weather conditions and the impact of third parties on uninterrupted power supply of the international airport.

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