In North Koreas severe drought

North Korea is going through a long period of widespread drought. Authorities fear that the food crisis will worsen in the impoverished areas of the communist country.

In North Korea's severe drought

If unusually dry weather will last until the end of the month, according to experts, in May 2012 can be attributed to the very hot for the last 50 years in the coastal regions of western North Korea. Central news bureau warns of a possible worsening of the situation. Combat drought in the country can only be compared to the race on time, all water should be maintained and used effectively. Planting of key products such as rice and corn, has been hit hard, and the potato, wheat and barley fields affected due to lack of water.
North Korea has always had plenty of food, but the situation has worsened during floods and droughts, and poor management. Official food distribution system, which is part of a moribund economy, failed during the "lean years" in the late 90's. No official data exists, but it is thought that hundreds of thousands of Koreans died of starvation.
International aid programs reduced because of scandals involving missile and nuclear programs of North Korea. U.S. refused to provide the promised 240,000 tons of food supplies after a rocket launch April 13, 2012. It is believed that as a result, more than 2 million children have been hungry. One newspaper published an article about the fact that thousands of workers in the northern city of Sinuiju took to the field to help farmers process the dry fields. In another city residents together Hvandzhu tried to repair existing wells.
Situation is not typical. The rain did not fall out from the end of April, not including short-term 2-mm rainfall in the capital.

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