In Norway lemming invasion prevent vehicular traffic

MURMANSK, September 5 — RIA Novosti, Anastasia Yakonyuk.Norwegian scientists and residents of the northern provinces of the kingdom's biggest mark with 1970's migration of lemmings, which sometimes make it difficult to move on the road, according to Norwegian media.

"The roads and yards in cities crammed lemmings — living and dead. Lemmings, fell under the wheels of cars, are not uncommon on the roads almost everywhere. Here and there, according to the drivers, so many of them that the road is just a slippery" — the journalists Norwegian portal Barentsobserver.

The reason for the mass migration of rodents in regions such as Lapland and Finnmark, according to scientists, was the extraordinary growth of their population in the year. In the north, in the vast spaces in the border area between Finland, Russia and Norway lemmings — everywhere.

"Lemmings can mate at any time of the year and give in the same litter 8.10 cubs. In captivity, according to observations, they can give eight litters within 167 days. Expected, hordes of lemmings go to wane in mid-October," — according to biologists .

Murmansk scientists also seeing an increase in the number of small animals in the northern forests.

"Among mammals, lemmings over all numbers are subject to change. For two consecutive years, their is a lot, then this kind of almost disappears for a few years. They arrange shelter in the forest floor, the roots of trees. Winter move to nival tunnels in search of food, multiply all year ", — said the Methodist Lapland Reserve Svetlana Podolski.

In 1983, lemmings were included in the Red Book of the Murmansk region. Of the six species of lemmings in the Arctic is inhabited by two Norwegian and forest.

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