In Podporozhe (Leningrad region). Opened a new school for 350

In the Leningrad region Podporozhe new school opened with 350 beds, the construction of which was conducted one and a half years.

The school is made by the most modern educational standards. Alexander Drozdenko demonstrated locksmith and carpentry shops, classrooms, game room, library, dining room, gym.

This facility — one of only two in the 47th region, opening up to the beginning of the school year. Another new school in the village Blacksmith Priozersky District, will open its doors on September 2. By the beginning of the new academic year in Leningrad region is renovated 271 educational institution. 

Reference Construction of new school was financed in accordance with cerebral palsy, "Development Priorities of the Leningrad Region in 2011-2015".

Prior to the start of construction in MBOU "Podporozhskaya secondary school number 3" 350 children were enrolled. After the opening of the new building will sit at desks 395 students (their number is increasing due to the transfer of students from the "Podporozhsky School № 4. Gorky", located in the same neighborhood), including 102 first-graders.

The new school building will operate 25 classrooms, 2 gyms, 2 libraries with book depository, a modern language lab, sewing, carpentry and metalwork workshops, study economics, games for elementary school students.

In five offices located interactive whiteboards and multimedia projectors. All classrooms are equipped with computer workstation teachers will have access to the Internet. Physics, chemistry, biology, equipped with modern facilities for research and experimental work. Equipped with 2 volleyball and two basketball courts, a stadium with a cover and stands, space for outdoor games of elementary school students.

Institution staffed in accordance with the staffing by 100%.


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