In Poltava destroyed plaque Vatutin

In Poltava committed third month desecration of the monument symbolizing a common historical destiny of the peoples of Ukraine and Russia …

The third month of the historical monument desecration committed in Poltava. Nastiness plaque inscribed with Field-Marshal I.F.Paskevichu, desecrated the monument of Poltava, Heroes of the Soviet Union and now the broken plaque to General Nikolai Vatutin.

It seems that the nationalists of his arrogance just experiencing the city and regional authorities and law enforcement agencies. In the center of town, 20 meters from the regional department of the SBU are crushing the board memory to the person who exactly 70 years ago led the liberation of the capital city of Ukraine from fascist invaders.


Recall that Nikolai Fedorovich Vatutin Valuiki born under the city, not far from Poltava. In 1922, he graduated from Poltava infantry courses that were in the building of the former Poltava Petrovsky Cadet Corps. Later the building was taken Poltava antiaircraft-missile Graduate School im.N.Vatutina. A plaque on the wall of the general body placed in 1968, Cheres 5years here have installed a bust Nikolai Fedorovich.

Ukrainian Square destroyed the school itself, and the stupidity and criminal indifference of the authorities of Poltava turned the main building of the body (the rest were sold out) in a dilapidated rotting cesspool, the abode of the homeless and stray dogs. Bust miraculously saved, and the plaque was stolen.

When the awareness of historical guilt began to return, and on the wall of the body reappeared plaque (copy), and city authorities have decided to install a bust of General of the street that bears his name, the case took the national svidomye. On urban sites and online forums they openly called and promised to prevent the installation of the bust, threatening to destroy or mutilate. For Poltava in 2007 desecrated historical monuments, with enviable speed freak, barbaric likivdatsiya plaque does not surprise anyone. "Vandalism has become a calling card of Poltava — the chairman of the local Russian community Viktor Shestakov — Expect a response from the authorities there is no point, for indifference to the historical memory in the blood of local officials. Surprisingly, only one, as Poltavites themselves admit that their city has surpassed even the tribes of vandalism Papuans and the fundamentalist Taliban. "

Poltava Weather authoritative writer Yuri believes that "the destruction of the plaque Vatutin — a natural phenomenon. There is no doubt that this is the work of nationalist groups, which are in short supply. In Poltava nurtured national chauvinists. These frames are forged in almost every university town, which is one Pedagogical Institute, and overlook its practical implementers of national hatred. A city sites? You read the comments by the head you undertake, there xenophobia through word! No one doubts that this is the work of local radical nationalists, but the police and security service strangely silent, and in fact the case can reach up to more sad things … ".

It is surprising that to abuse the monuments of different eras and wars taking place in Poltava absolutely indifferent local party structures Communist Party and the Party of Regions, which declare the voters about their care, about history and memory. No statement, no decisive action against National destroyers. " LD Ivershina, veteran activist organizations in the city says bitterly: "No one of these monuments do not need, nor the Communists nor the regionals. In my opinion there would be these monuments, they would have lived better. And with such a fluffy Banderovites against them and the police will do expanse, crash — do not want. "

So, a memorial destroyed, will be the answer of power, or Poltava will continue to kneel in front of the National destroyers?

Xenia Ryabinovo

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