In Pomerania completed Ustyansky forest breeding and seed production center

Main Capital Construction Arkhangelsk region received an act of commissioning. Seed center of this level in Pomerania built the first time. It is located in the village of Taraslonavolotskaya Ustyansky district. An area of 5.4 hectares housed seven greenhouses, four sites hardening, administrative building, manufacturing facility, storage of peat and the building heated parking. The center even has its own water intake structure, which means that water shortages should not be.

Experts are sure that the new venture will not only provide the region with improved planting material hereditary properties, but also contribute to stable operation of the industry, will be one of the major steps in the modernization of forestry Pomerania.

And thanks to the center of the village will be about 30 new jobs. The project was funded by grants from the federal government (90 percent of the capital) and the means of the regional treasury. The total cost of the project amounted to almost 320 million rubles. Guks made by the customer works.


Project studies produced Kotlasskiy enterprise "Agropromproekt" and acted as general contractor company Ustyanskaya "Stroyinvest." Construction of the center began in late December 2011. In accordance with state contract all the work was to be completed July 1, 2012. But, as it turned out, the stated period were false from the beginning.

Full cycle of the production line center includes procurement, processing cones, receipt and storage of seeds, as well as the commercial cultivation of seedlings with closed root system. According to experts, when entering full production center will be able to grow about eight million seedlings per year, and with the help of modern technology equipment annually to process and receive up to two tons of seed melkohvoynyh rocks.

Exit self-supporting institution would in about three — four years, provided that the average price per seedling will be eight or nine rubles, while a kilo of seeds — about 10 thousand rubles.

By mid-April to be completed transfer procedures Ustyansky breeding and seed production center in the operational management of Guks. After that, the client passes a building in the ownership of the regional Common forest fire center.

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