In Primorye expected seasonal exacerbation of influenza

In Primorye expected seasonal exacerbation of influenzaThe peak incidence of influenza in the region traditionally expected at the end of November-December

In Primorye, the peak of the flu traditionally expected at the end of November-December. This was reported at the round table head of the department of the regional center of medical prevention Tatiana Mineeva. Over a year ago in Primorye ill with SARS and influenza about 300 thousand people. To the number of health care institutions edge of preventive measures. To date, the vaccine against influenza and SARS. Primorye, which are at risk vaccinated for free. They are children, pupils, students, health workers, social workers, people with chronic illnesses, people over sixty years.

According to the head of the regional center Yelena Ibragimova vaccine is planned to plant at least 30% of the Primorsky Territory.

"30% is a kind of reference point. If we overcome this barrier, we are in effect to deal with the virus and to control the situation. If the percentage is lower, the incidence of the virus in the region will be very high. Of course, would like to see 95% of the province's population was vaccinated, but it is an impossible figure. People voluntarily do not vaccinate, "- explained Elena Ibragimov. Experts strongly recommend vaccination in addition to use other ways to prevent the flu. Should dress warmly, get enough sleep, drink, vitamins and a healthy lifestyle.

MD, professor of infectious diseases VSMU Anna Simakova reported that influenza virus can be transmitted by contact. Therefore, experts advise to wash their hands after using public facilities.

And medical experts recommend not to self-medicate. So, Elena Ibragimov said that the drug should be administered no later than three days after the onset of illness. Otherwise, the doctor will not be able to assist in the effective treatment of influenza.

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