In Pskov ceremonial raising of the flag on the new customs ship


September 20 held a solemn flag-raising ceremony at the new middle Customs vessel "Vladimir Nazarov."

New customs vessel purchased this year with federal funds. The main objectives of the crew is to enhance customs control in the waters of Pskov, Chud and warmer lakes in the region and improve the performance of duty by the customs authorities of the Pskov region. The decision of the Federal Customs Office of the ship named after the first chief of the customs Pskov, Vladimir Nazarov, who led the regional office from 1991 to 1999. 

Head of Pskov Customs, Major-General of Customs Service Konstantin Galnykin noted in his speech that the modern equipment that is equipped with vessel personnel will Pskov customs better fulfill its objectives to protect the economic security of our region and Russia. He also expressed confidence that the traditions established by Vladimir Nazarov will be saved.

The Governor of the Pskov Region Andrei Turchak, addressing the gathering, said that on September 20 will be a significant date for the Pskov customs. "I would like to wish a worthy military service under the name of Vladimir Nazarov, preservation of traditions that have been established the first head of the customs authorities," — said the head of the region and the captain of the ship gave a memorable gift.

The head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky noted in his speech that he knew personally Vladimir Nazarov. "I would like to emphasize that Vladimir was exceptionally decent person, very responsible and conscientious," — he said, reminding the audience that Vladimir Nazarov was the first chief of the Pskov customs and worked during the troubled years (1991-1999 years). "On his shoulders lay a big load. It was only his special skills and ability to work enabled him to quickly assemble the backbone of the Office and establish the work to ensure the economic security of the North-Western borders of Russia ", — he said, and handed the captain of the ship of the new trophy — the flag of the city of Pskov.

The widow of Vladimir Nazarov Eugene Nazarov thanked the participants for their good memories of her husband. "I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thanks for the perpetuation of Vladimir Ivanovich so. For it was the custom principal business of life, and I'm happy that he will continue to serve in this capacity, "- she said.

At the end of the ceremony officials inspected the new ship and took photos.

We add that the official activities of Vladimir Nazarov appreciated the President of the Russian Federation — for the excellent service in the Russian customs authorities, for professional excellence, honesty and integrity in 1995, Vladimir Nazarov was awarded the medal "For Service to the Motherland» II degree.

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