In Pskov oblastiotkryt torfobriketnyj plant

In the Pskov region today, August 1, the grand opening of the plant in the village of torfobriketnyj Seredka Pskov region. Mnvestorom by OOO "ERT" that created the plant at the existing peat enterprise at their own expense. The investment amounted to about 114 million rubles.

 The estimated capacity is 50,000 tons of finished products per year (6 tons / hour). The designed capacity is planned to be implemented by the end of this year. 

The head of the region's Andrew Turchak noted that within the framework of regional long-term program to transfer to local boiler fuels investor company has revolutionized the number of boilers in the Pskov region and intends to work in that direction to continue. "This will allow the region to get off with fuel oil needle", — said Andrey Turchak.

According to the press center of the Pskov region, the main type of activity of "ERT" — extraction and processing of peat. The organization's activities are conducted in the Pskov region. In the period 2005 — 2009 years the organization has implemented investment projects on the basis of torfomestorozhdeny "Ershovskaya" (village Seredka Pskov region), "Kachevskoe" (Village Kachev Pechora region), "Nehlyudovskoe" (Village Yushkovo Pechora region).

In addition, at its own expense the company has built a modern boiler-house in the village on the turf Hooks Ostrovsky District, which solved the problem of heating of the village and is a step in the implementation of the regional action program to convert boilers to local fuels. Raw material for the boiler will be supplied from the field in the village of Seredka.



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