In Pskov, showed the latest military equipment

Showing the latest models of military equipment and arms took place on March 1 in Pskov. Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu and the commander of the Airborne Forces Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov was presented a comprehensive communication equipment (mobile traffic) (CAS TM) production of Omsk Production Association (OmPA) "Radiofactory them. Popov."

According to the CEO OmPA "Radiofactory them. Popov," Ivan Polyakov, combat effectiveness and efficiency of power units, including airborne troops, determined, first of all, the level of technical equipment and the modern used weapons and military equipment.

Company chief stressed the importance of personal attention given to the President of the Russian Defense Minister and Commander of the Navy on creating advanced weapons.

CAS-TM is used to build transport networks of different architecture and typology of communication and is intended for operation in support of operational communications centers and the operational and tactical levels of management.

The study is based on the principles of CAS packet organization multidirectional digital communications. CAS provides rapid deployment of independent secure communication lines, channeling a branch of the tropospheric and wireline communication and cooperation with all types of network equipment can provide video conferencing and video data transmission.

The high performance characteristics CSA-TM was confirmed during its transfer to the display space of the latest models of military equipment and weapons. It was overcome by a distance of 3400 km route Omsk — Pskov, comprising the mountain passes and rugged areas

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