In radar patrol modernized A-50U

As part of equipping the Armed Forces with new weapons and military equipment on October 31 in the Air Force sent a modernized Russian multifunctional A-50U aircraft radar surveillance and guidance. In the light of experience and comments of military units operating aircraft radar surveillance and targeting the A-50, on the technique was carried out on a deep modernization of the existing radio complex.

As reported in a press release Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev main focus is on upgrading the transition to new components onboard radio complex (RTC). This could substantially reduce the overall weight of the aircraft and to facilitate the RTC. As a consequence, the opportunity of taking on more fuel for the same takeoff weight. Accordingly, the increased flight distance and time of the combat mission in a given range.


Upgraded radio complex has improved capabilities to detect low-flying aircraft and stealth targets (including under active use of funds REP) with the measurement of the angular coordinates, speed and range. In addition, the radar provides detection of air targets such as helicopters, as well as a review of the sea surface with the detection of surface targets and measuring their coordinates. Thus, compared with the A-50 Characteristics improved target detection in the rear hemisphere.

The structure of flight and navigation system of the upgraded aircraft entered a satellite navigation system that will significantly improve the accuracy of navigation. Jobs tactical crew members of the aircraft A-50U has a universal means of information-based displays with liquid crystal display. In addition, in contrast to the basic aircraft, the A-50U has a common room for the crew, a buffet with household equipment and a toilet. After the first parade of A-50U Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev eventually plans to similarly upgrade the entire fleet of A-50 Russian Air Force.


In parallel, the company is together with the "Vega" is working on a new AEW aircraft complex with the new radio systems having even higher performance. Currently, aircraft systems range radar, have become an essential means of combat, able to create an information field of detection and control over a large area of combat operations, reconnaissance, target designation and coordination of all sorts of armed forces.

In particular, the 2011 A-50 crews have been actively involved in providing large-scale exercises, including "Center-2011", "Union Shield-2011 and international -" Vigilant Eagle 2011 "," Vigilant Sky 2011 ". The results of the military conflicts of the last decades have shown that the system AWACS airborne became one of the key elements in achieving superiority over the enemy, and, as a consequence, the success of the operations carried out by its troops.

The history of domestic aircraft radar surveillance and guidance originates from May 20, 1966, when in Monchegorsk Murmansk aviation squadron was formed on the basis of 2 airborne early warning aircraft Tu-126 radar system "Liana". From June 1984 to replace the Tu-126 into service began receiving aircraft radar surveillance and guidance of the new generation — the A-50, created on the basis of serial IL-76.

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