In Romania, flooding

Heavy rains have caused severe flooding in Romania

May 20. Heavy rains have caused severe flooding in Romania. In several localities water drainage system broke down, and the resulting break, flooded homes of local residents. In Constanta, high winds felled trees and telephone poles.

Despite the weather warnings, authorities were caught off guard.

"We find six flooded cars. Water got into the electrical system and the drivers are not able to leave the car, "- said the head of the crew SMURD Dan Balan.

"Fortunately, we have SUV — the water has reached the level of glass. Could not open the window because the water would have penetrated inside ", — said the driver of a car.

In the northern part of Constanta and Mamaia broken trees. In Galati flooded street due to heavy rains. In Braila drains turned into real fountains, making it difficult to move through the streets.

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