In Rosagroleasing summed up the modernization of agriculture in 2012

In 2012, "Rosagroleasing" carried out activities aimed at the modernization of agriculture of the Russian Federation. The company has implemented a number of major projects to promote agricultural development and transfer it to a new level.

Last year Rosagroleasing delivered to the regions of 9958 units of agricultural machinery, including 3,630 tractors and 1,407 combine harvesters, 1,795 units of motor vehicles, 3,126 units of trailed and mounted equipment for a total of 18.99 billion rubles. The company's share in the structure of the supply of agricultural machinery in Russia was estimated at 20% of the tractors and combine harvesters by 18%.

  • New energy-consuming equipment in the fields of the Republic of Ingushetia
  • New energy-consuming equipment in the fields of the Republic of Ingushetia

Rosagroleasing provides timely domestic agricultural producers need in the art for seasonal agricultural work. Thus, for example, to the beginning of spring field work in the Republic of Ingushetia was prompt and on time assigned 871 units of agricultural machinery. Posed technique immediately went into the field and took part in the planting season began. Through the use of new energy-intensive technology, set by the federal system of leasing, Field crop area increased by more than 20% due to the introduction of a fallow land not cultivated for more than 20 years.

In the Amur region through the supply of 224 units of agricultural machinery on the system of federal leasing in seasonal field work in 2012 marked increase in acreage in the region (the region as a whole grew by 10%, or 145 million hectares).

In particular, we note an increase in acreage of "Agro-Soyuz Far East": in 2010 it was 5 thousand hectares in 2012 — 29 thousand hectares, which was made possible through the use of new energy-intensive agricultural equipment, supplied by "Rosagroleasing "(for the period 2010-2012. delivered 125 units of machinery, including 62 — in 2012). Furthermore, the company put into circulation 19 thousand hectares in 2012. In 2013 it is planned to treat 40 thousand hectares fallow land.

In 2012, launched an ambitious program to update the fleet of agricultural equipment. The Russian government has instructed its implementation "Rosagroleasing." Last year was a "pilot" period, during which the impact assessment was carried out using the mechanism of fleet renewal by the federal leasing of agricultural machinery. As a result, achieved impressive results — after Rosagroleasing farmers were supplied 4009 pieces of equipment totaling 9.48 billion, including 2283 tractor, 1053 combine, 673 units of trailed and mounted equipment.

  • Equipment supplied under the Program update tractor fleet
  • Equipment supplied under the Program update tractor fleet

The new energy-technique allows to increase labor productivity, reduce time agricultural work, reduce crop losses, reduce the cost of fuel, repair and maintenance. To date energonasyshennaya technique is very popular, its use ensures effective results with minimum tillage with a subsequent transition to a "zero", which allows farms smoothly without unduly extra cost to move from traditional technologies to resource.

Domestic selhozmashinostroitelyami, thanks to the renovation program in 2012 was additionally produced 2,283 agricultural tractors, combine harvesters 1053 and 673 units trailed / mounted equipment, had a positive impact on the economic situation in the machine-building enterprises of the industry.

In the address "Rosagroleasing" received positive feedback on the programs as updates from officials of the subjects of the Russian Federation (in particular, from the Administration and the Governor of the Kostroma region, Prime Minister of the Republic of Tuva, the Administration of Kursk Region, Department of Agriculture of the Tambov region, the Governor of the Amur Region, the Ministry of Agriculture Volgograd region) and individual farmers (AIC Ltd. "Titan" (Omsk region), JSC "Savvateevskoe" (Irkutsk region), JSC "Akatevsky" (Moscow Region), SP Chapter KFH "N.N.Maslov" (Krasnodar region .) The high demand programs, as well as the positive economic and social impact of its implementation is also supported by already received, addressed to "Rosagroleasing" appeals from 53 subjects of the Russian Federation on the allocation in 2012 of additional quotas for renewal of farm machinery in excess of 6 3 billion rubles. updater tractor fleet proved its efficiency as a result of the action of the action of its extension.

In addition to agricultural equipment, in 2012, farmers were supplied 49722 head of breeding animals, created and modernized 74086 skotomest.

  • Unloading livestock in the ICC.  Busan for the farms of the Far East
  • Unloading livestock in the ICC. Busan for the farms of the Far East

In addition, in 2012, "Rosagroleasing" started the implementation of major investment projects for the construction of modern livestock farms "turnkey", involving the participation of the Company in all phases of construction and farm equipment. Developing direction of building mega farms (modern cattle complex in the village of Lists Kozelskii district of Kaluga region of 2.4 million head of cattle fodder loose housing), ensuring high profitability of milk production and a rapid return on investment (10-15% faster than conventional farms ) and goat breeding farms.

In addition to the implementation of projects under the federal program, the company is rapidly developing its projects through extra-budgetary sources — commercial program "Rosagroleasing."

In 2012, as part of a commercial program by the Company entered into lease agreements for a total of more than 1.65 billion. The most significant projects were:

— in the launch of the second stage modern greenhouse complex an area of 10.1 hectares Ltd. for "Fruits of the Krasnodar Territory" (Krasnodar Territory) signed contracts to supply equipment for the complex totaling over $ 1 billion (the project includes three phases of construction with total area of 33.5 hectares under greenhouses with a total capacity of 18 thousand tons of vegetables a year);

delivery of modern meat processing equipment in Kabardino-Balkaria for equipment Ltd. "Nalchik Meat Processing Plant" totaling more than $ 376 million (sets of equipment for meat and poultry processing facilities, waste processing line meat processing);

delivery of agricultural machinery and equipment for «Grain Belogoriya" (Belgorod region) totaling more than $ 160 million.

"Rosagroleasing" applies innovative working methods and implements measures to support the point of technical and technological renewal of the technology — computer-generated regional technology companies (ITC). One of the clearest examples of the successful implementation of such projects is the implementation of a pilot project equipping MTC AK "Bars" (Republic of Tatarstan). As part of ITC equipment "Rosagroleasing" was delivered in 2012, 464 units of agricultural machinery, including tractors "Belarus-1221.2" — 55 units, "Belarus-82.1" — 32.V up by renewing fleet was involved about 20 thousand hectares of fallow land, and further translated into a pair of 22 thousand hectares. Simultaneously, the renewal of the harvesters has increased the area of the grain harvest for one car by almost a third, and compared with the technique that has been used, significantly reducing crop losses.

As part of the order of the Deputy Prime Minister A. Dvorkovich, in 2012 Rosagroleasing started and is working at present complex issues in organizing the supply of agricultural machinery and plemproduktsii domestic production in the Republic of Armenia on lease. Along with the Republic of Armenia is a high interest in the organization of deliveries of Russian military equipment on a lease expressed its leadership of the CIS countries (the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine).

"Rosagroleasing" involved in the creation of social conditions for the rural population, implementing projects to build affordable housing. In 2012, in the village of Studenki Ryazan region was constructed and transferred to the long-term leasing is a whole street of ten comfortable modern homes, provided the necessary infrastructure for the staff of SEC "MIR".

  • village in the Ryazan region
  • village in the Ryazan region

The cost of 1 sq. km. meters of housing transferred to the federal leasing, accounted for only 21.49 thousand (thus, the average cost of 1 square. meter of housing in the region is 40% higher at 30.05 rubles). Built to house transferred to the SEC "Peace" in lease for 20 years. New, 2013 village workers and young professionals met in comfortable homes.

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