In Russia, for the year came to 450 new shops and factories

In Russia in the last year there have been several hundreds of new industrial enterprises, which create jobs for more than 30 thousand people.

This was reported in the press service of the Russian government, summing up the first year / s May 21, 2012 / Cabinet chaired by Dmitry Medvedev.

"According to various sources, in the period from May 2012 to April 2013 in Russia have earned between 400 and 450 new manufacturing plants / factories and workshops /" — according to the materials of the Cabinet. In this case, the total amount of the investment in the production amounted to approximately 500 billion rubles. "In the new enterprises created more than 30 thousand jobs," — said the press service. In addition, last year carried out modernization of almost 500 companies, 35 of which as a result has put into operation a new capacity.

Continuing the development of technologies — for the year 2012 have been issued requests for more than 800 patents, the source said. The volume of financing of scientific and technological research and development in the field, for example, radio has grown by almost 18 percent. The growth in output in the electronic industry as compared to the year 2011 was about 14 percent. Industrial output in aircraft grew in 2012 by more than 12 percent.

Over the past year, Russia was commissioned 6.5 gigawatts of new generating capacity, including four hydroelectric Boguchan hydro.

In addition to the industry, the 2012 figures were drawn up and in a number of sectors of agriculture — so, the growth in livestock production accounted for more than 6 percent. The main share of the growth achieved by the pig and poultry production. —

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