In Russia the idea of reviving the Caspian Sea Monster — the giant winged, frighten NATO

In Russia the idea of reviving the giant winged — aircraft, combining the quality of ship and aircraft in Soviet times to frighten NATO, where they were called "Caspian Sea Monster." Now developed a new platform that will create WIG capacity up to 600 tons, both civilian and military applications.

Last year, the Army decided to abandon the idea of unusual "flying ships." "In the state defense order for 2011-2020 funding for development and construction of the airfoil is not provided. These ships are not present, and in the development plans of the Navy for the next decade," — wrote in November, "Izvestia".

But the idea did not die without defense orders. "Interfax" reports on the beginning of the development of a new expandable platform — she went in NPP "Radar MMS" and CDB them. Alexeev. The concept provides for the release of the first of a new generation of large WIG capacity from 50 to 600 tons in 2016, and the development of transport and cargo-carrying capacity of 2 WIG thousand — three thousand tons in the future. "In the" Radar "reported that the next-generation platform can be will be used for both civilian and military purposes.

In the meantime, developers carry on exhibitions small WIG — ten-"Aquaglide-5". Five — is the number of passengers that samoletokorabl takes on board.

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