In Russia there will be a train of fast neutron


State Corporation "Rosatom" and JSC "Russian Railways" (RZD) in late July, plan to present prototype train with nuclear power plant, the senior vice-president of Russian Railways Valentin Gapanovich on the sidelines of meetings of the Association of manufacturers of railway equipment. He said that it is a scientific presentation and exhibition complex of 11 cars. "This is a composition comprising a fast breeder reactor, which can be implemented as a transport element — power plant," — said a top manager.

"I looked at the saturation of the car — I liked it. I supported the idea of "Rosatom" is that they are promoting the development of innovative ways, including nuclear energy, "- shared Gapanovich. It will be "working in the layout of the future, which in any case will come," he added. The prospect of development is determined by the fact that the nuclear industry — this is an area in which Russia now occupies a leading position, the representative of the Russian Railways.

The possible cost of the project is not calculable. Also, nothing is reported about the security of this kind of transport.

On the use of nuclear energy in transport engineers actively thought about in the middle of the XX century. Thus, the Ford Corporation in 1958, created the concept car Ford Nucleon, but no working model has not been established.

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