In Russia will start production of aerial 3D-screens


In the startup of a new gadget has invested $ 1 million.

Resident "Skolkovo" Astrakhan company DisplAir, developer "foggy screens," they also "bezekrannye interactive displays," received an investment of one million U.S. dollars from a group of investors, the most important of which was the company Leta Group. It is reported Lenta.Ru. The remaining funds are provided by private Russian and international investors.

Funds will be used to launch "semi-production", "foggy" screens. Earlier, the Russian company DisplAir was valued at $ 6 million. CyberSecurity clarifies that the allocation of one million for the resident "Skolkovo" — this is the first so-called seed stage. In the future, Leta Group plans to increase its share of financial participation in a Russian company: at the end of 2012 is planned to launch the second phase, which will invest in other large institutional investors.

In November 2011, the portal reported that a Russian company DisplAir developed a fundamentally new type of screen that allows you to project an image (such as a full-color video and images) of high quality directly into the air. In this case, the screen is touch sensitive, is responsible for this function built-in infrared camera.

Leta Group — management company in the field of advanced information technology, whose main function — the investment activities of the advanced projects.


Previously, this was already on the "Made in us," but gone somewhere. The saved: 

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