In Saratov, bird strikes Newcastle disease

Specialists from the Department of Virology and Hematology Saratov Interregional Veterinary Laboratory in sera of pigeons detected antibodies to Newcastle disease.

It is a dangerous disease of birds, spread around the world. Only in the 70's Newcastle disease broke out more than 300 times in Europe, killing millions of birds and causing enormous economic damage.

Release of a number of strains of the virus from wild birds in the Volga Delta confirms spread of Newcastle disease in poultry even when their short-term visits.

"Within one farm she runs with lightning speed. Few days the disease can reach all susceptible to her poultry. Mortality sometimes reaches 90-100%.

The main way of transmission of the agent — the respiratory tract. Within the affected herd virus quickly spreads through the air. Sick birds in 2 days after infection excrete virus through coughing or sneezing.

The main source of infection for humans is poultry, poultry products. A person infected by inhaling dust contaminated by the virus. Possible contamination with the virus contaminated hands drift on conjunctiva.

The natural susceptibility of people is low. Ill mostly persons of active working age, the nature of their activities related to poultry farming.

The disease usually occurs with low temperature according to the type of acute respiratory catarrh " — virologists say.

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