In Semipalatinsk people pose terrible diagnosis 20 years after the landfill closure










Astana / Families, October 16. In the capital of Kazakhstan, on Tuesday recalled the events of 20 years ago. In Astana, the international forum "For a Nuclear-Free World". I must say that from nuclear power just abandon yet no one intends. And in the coming months, the IAEA will choose the country to host the International Nuclear Fuel Bank. The title of the center of the "peaceful atom" claims and Kazakhstan, says ITRC "Peace."

"For us, nuclear energy — a future of innovation clusters. We have a quarter of the world's uranium reserves. We have a great scientific potential, the infrastructure of nuclear power. Strictly following the international obligations, we have provided a high level of security for all civilian nuclear facilities "- said President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

So, 20 years a nuclear-free life. Corresponding MTRC "Peace" has visited the territory closed in the early 1990s, the Semipalatinsk test site and found that this area is still dangerous.

In a tiny room on the outskirts of the city of Semey (formerly Semipalatinsk) Myra and her daughter live together. Husband broke down and left the woman with a sick child. Cerebral palsy, scoliosis last stage and microcephaly — three terrible diagnosis — the consequences of nuclear testing. 12 years ago, Myra moved to the city from the countryside in the hope that this will be easier. But that her numerous letters and requests for help, local officials did not see or hear. "I get tired, sometimes I think, if only blagoustroyku given. Promise, but when? Perhaps, when I die, "- says Myra.

In Semey house babies pathology is present in every child. "Madina, and a half years old. Blind from birth. Blindness of prematurity. She was born on the fourth degree of prematurity, "- says the children neurologist Symbat Abdykarimov.
Premature birth — almost the norm for the region. Many babies are born prematurely, which in most cases leads to disability. All because of the genetic changes that occur in women, doctors say. "These children are the consequences, and the children of those children, I think. This has already been proved by science. And by 20-30 percent, maybe even more reason is, perhaps, nuclear explosions "- continues Abdykarimov.

Cyclops, Siamese twins, no legs and no skull — are children born, when a bomb exploded at the site. Today it is a museum artifacts Medical University. Living proof that the radiation does to a man.

"You can see there are a lot of children's deformities. According to statistics, affecting more than 1 million 200 thousand people. How many of them died — so far, this figure remains a mystery, "- said the rector of the State Medical University of Semey Tolebay Rahypbekov.

Mortality rate is very high today. People die from disease or were imposed on herself. Why in the village of Kynar East Kazakhstan region are so many suicides, no one can say.

"Maybe from the landfill, maybe some kind of disease. Most of the youth. It happens when one after another, one 7.6 young people hung, hands on themselves impose, "- says a resident of the village of Kynar Zhandos Karzholbay. At just 23, he spends more time in hospital than at home. His friend and neighbor in the ward no 18. In Kaynarskoy elderly hospital not at all, the villagers simply do not live to old age. And there are not born healthy children.

"Diagnoses are different. In the first place the nervous pathology — neurological diseases, renal disease then, of course blood disorder is anemia. 97% of the population suffers from anemia, "- said the pediatrician from the village of Kynar Erkezhan Zhukeeva.

A resident of the same village Rymbibi Sasenova month ago buried her husband. He hanged himself in the barn. Was hospitalized with a stroke, but withdrew his signature. We must take care of first-born grandson, who can not walk. "The child is now in its fourth year. This year he only gave stroller Interior and diapers, said a year, and we are only six months is enough. And anticonvulsants given for a month, a month and have enough, and no more give, "- says Rymbibi.

In Semey is a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities. It opened three years ago, as an experiment. Officials want to know whether such institution and whether the State to support them. With the children all day long have doctors and teachers. The center is located in a residential building. Therefore, there may take no more than 30 children. And in need of such assistance in Semey alone is ten times greater.

"Given our environment, the impact of the landfill, it affects. And the work of our center has shown that the development of such centers should ", — said Saul nevropalotog Shevchenko.

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