In Sevastopol, looking for evidence of a direct connection with the cosmos


The mystery of the Crimean pyramids discovered 10 years ago, will finally open this summer. Now, the sensational discoveries in Sevastopol are hard at work — in the hot sun working excavator, trucks soil removal. Next to invisible to the eye until the average person underground pyramid has already appeared impressive size of a deep pit.


Get to the truth in this season decided to head of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Odessa Vladimir Zhytnyk Evolution of Mind. He managed to attract investments to the project, which has for several years excites the minds of searchers mysterious worlds. "Every day, tourists come here, — says Vladimir, which is already the third week of living in a tent next to the pit. — Today we had two bus! Everybody is interested, so we have to dig it. "

JUBILEE. The opening of the Crimean pyramids — they confirm the presence of mainly esoteric and psychics — belongs to Vitaly Guohua. The retired captain, Ph.D., along with his comrades in 2000 probed the urban neighborhood in search of sources of thermal waters with an instrument of his invention, the same — the generator microwave frequencies, providing search facilities at any depth. In one of the segments Kamyshovy Highway 30 m from the roadside device discovered a megalith. Calculations and extensive testing has shown that a huge stone underground in shape is geometrically regular pyramid height of 45 m and a base length — 72 m! Then enthusiasts took up the tools easier — picks and shovels. And at the level of 9.5 m, they stumbled upon a ledge, they said, "Just soldered to the edge of the pyramid."

This nuance so whipped retirees that the four of them for 1.5 years prodolbili pit depth of 38 m and a simple bucket pulled out of the well 40 tons of soil! Other finds, besides invigorating sensation was gone … And a group Goh took up the theoretical basis of his discovery: all surface and underground pyramid of the world are linked and are designed to receive and relay the cosmic energy. "I say, excavated and prove it — complains Vitaly. — But you have to understand what is the amount of work! Who do I have to allocate this kind of money? Has already spent about $ 200,000 on the excavation, and the rental site. Over the years, my confidence just grew, changed only of the shape of a pyramid: it — speed, not with flat faces, as was originally anticipated. "

PYRAMID is included in the map of Crimea

According to Vitaly Goh — discoverer of the abnormal area on the outskirts of Sevastopol — underground pyramids arranged in a straight line from Cape Sarich to the north-west coast of reed bay. This summer in the sale have appeared maps indicating those detected, but still invisible objects — "Crimea: Miracles and anomalous zones."

EXPERT nearly strangled SPHINX

After the discovery of the pyramid began hype. There's even been an expert on meteorites from Canada Alan Hildebrand, he took the stone samples for study. A single entrepreneur ideas Sevastopol Goh bribed so that the site with megaliths he rented for 30 years.

Interest continues unabated until now, despite the incriminating conclusions of experts — from geologists to archaeologists. And now they bring tourists to "look at the pyramid" — such a hike from the Count's Quay is 30 UAH. Trips to the "place of power" organized even from other cities. Some visitors to really get disappointed: as well hidden from prying concrete slab, see except the pit more than that. But there is always talk about.

A friend and associate of Goh, dig up the pyramid, engineer Michael Budanov claims that its impact on his heart post-infarct scars disappeared, "I have also previously had two heart attacks, and cardiologists do not believe that I am, instead of bed rest, with hammer down in the pit, and three hours on the working day. Here is a crazy energy — often with unpredictable vector steps: one of her well, and others and can kill. When there was Hildebrand, his entire team was horrified that all at once breathless — they like strangling a journalist who … is one that at first did not believe — then fell into a swoon. And with technology that is going on? Excavators break, at KamAZ wheel broke off! ".

In the open-air museum "Chersonese" In OPENING NOT BELIEVE

Photo: M. Lvovsky
Galina Nikolaenko

Seekers of the pyramid are digging near the ruins of a manor IV. BC. e on the chorus (land grants citizens of the city), located on the territory of "Chersonese". Because archaeologists began to counter the reserve study. "We are only relevant tangible evidence — that can be touched, not conclusions, — says deputy director for Science Museum Galina Nikolaenko. — So that's what they call the "head of the Sphinx", is in fact a typical tank, slotted into the limestone, — it was designed to collect water. To it are two surviving gutter. "
Mike Lvovsky

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