In SRF mastered a new technique engineering, simulation, and disguise

In the Strategic Missile Forces continued delivery of advanced engineering equipment to enhance maneuverability and survivability of combat-based mobile missile systems, among them — the upgraded machine engineering and masking (MIOM-M).

Modernization MIOM done in several ways — as hosts of the unit (transmission, electrical systems) and of the means of imitation — the machine will be used inflatable models for different purposes.

Successful state tests upgraded machine engineering and mask held in December 2012 on the basis of the 1st state test site of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (the spaceport "Plesetsk"), and in 2013 the first samples were placed in Teykovskogo rocket connection.

Operation MIOM provides performance engineering reconnaissance combat patrol routes and field positions, including the assessment of the bearing capacity of soil bases, cross-checking the dimensions of routes and sites, and if necessary — to restore them (broadening). With this technique produced an engineering reconnaissance of minefields and terrain clearance, clearing roads on field position and their layout. MIOM also used in the performance of engineering problems of masking and imitation, determining the slope terrain and location of units using a navigation system, evaluation capacity of highway bridges on combat patrol routes using a special measurement system.

Available in the MIOM means of masking and imitation ensure implementation of measures to conceal the missile system in field positions, the distortion of the direction of motion, including the knurled surface trace of false positions and objects.

Adopting MIOM reduces dozens of times the human effort required to perform such tasks.

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