In Stockholm, picketed the embassy of Belarus

December 30 was held in Stockholm Protest against falsification of the Belarusian elections and in support of political prisoners in Belarus.

In picket near the Belarusian Embassy in the capital of Sweden attended Representatives of the Belarusian and Swedish public. They kept the slogans: "Stop political repressions in Belarus", "Europe's last dictator must go!", "Lukashenko is fighting against his own people."

"It is important to draw international attention to those tragic, bloody events which are now occur in Belarus, — says Olga Klaskouski organizer of the rally. — Europe must finally take a very tough stance against Lukashenko and to take concrete steps for the release of political prisoners. "

In picket outside the embassy also attended Alexander's mother was arrested Klaskouski Ludmila and his niece, Miroslav.

Dec. 28 NGO "Belarusians Sweden» (Sveriges Belarusier) sent an open letter to the ambassador of Belarus in Stockholm Andrew Grinkevych to demand the release of all political prisoners. This is only the beginning of a massive campaign of solidarity, which launched and will be implemented in the near future Belarusians Sweden, BelaPAN.

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