In the Amur region completed the delivery of medical equipment

First Deputy Minister of Health of the Amur region Olga Agafonova: "The latest medical equipment that arrived in the Amur region, will allow us to significantly reduce the mortality rate of the population, remain healthy adults and children".

In the Amur region completed the delivery of medical equipment in the three targeted federal programs — "Modernization of health care" (444 units), "Measures aimed at improving medical care for victims of road accidents" (more than 750 units, in addition, 24 vehicles, of which 5 — ambulances), and cerebral palsy: "Measures aimed at improving the the organization of medical care for patients with cancer "(538 units).

The total amount of new medical devices — about 1.5 billion rubles.

In particular, the Amur region now has a unique 128-slice CT scanner, unique while in the Far East is no more. This unit is currently being installed in the regional children's hospital, which is organized on the basis of children's polytrauma center. Also in the area received four 16-slice CT scanners and MRI machine (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).
In a number of districts also received flyuorografy, stationary X-ray machines, mobile x-ray installations, operating tables, gastroscope, various equipment for the care of premature infants (incubators, incubators, apparatus for artificial respiration, anesthesia and respiratory equipment, etc. for babies with low and extremely low-birth weight).
Received, installed and has been running a telemedicine equipment for trauma centers in Skovorodino, paragraph Novobureysky, Shimanovsk, Belogorsk. Analogical equipment for telemedicine received by the Children's Hospital, as well as AOKB, where the travmatsentr level 1.
Telemedicine technology within another program, "Measures aimed at improving the organization of medical care for patients with cancer," has also Regional Cancer Center.
This medical institution, as well as pediatric oncology Regional Children's Hospital received a total of over 500 units of various medical equipment. Also, almost entirely equipped with 25 primary cancer surgeries and Department of Palliative Care (furniture, equipment, care products).

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