In the Amur region earned a plant that will produce up to 4 tons of gold per year

In the Amur region earned a new mining and metallurgical plant. The first stage of the enterprise put on Albynskom field located in Seleindzinski area a few kilometers from the village Zlatoustovsk.

According to forecasts, after reaching the capacity of the first plant will process about 1.8-2 million tons of ore annually.

With the commissioning of the second phase of the production plant will produce 3.6 to 4 tons of gold annually.

Experts Group "Petropavlovsk" spent on the development of the field for about six years. In the exploration, construction and infrastructure development received considerable investment. Thus, only for the first six months of this year, they accounted for 2 billion rubles.

Start new venture will increase the volume of gold in the Amur region, the press service of the gold mining company. In 2011, the Amur region is the second largest producer of gold among the Russian regions.

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