In the forest hiding UCHALINSKY cairns


Who built, when and why in the remote taiga UCHALINSKY mysterious buildings — stone pyramids.

These cairns are hiding away from civilization and settlements under the thick canopy of trees.
Musinskoye pyramid discovered employee Uchalinskoe child Ayrat Khisamutdinov tourist club. The pyramids came across by chance. 4 years of the discovery did not tell.

The most famous pyramids — four.

Two "urazovskie" — one of them is destroyed by vandals. The second — about five kilometers, it has been preserved, only the tip of a little scruffy time, yes stones overgrown with thick moss. Her height — 2.7 meters.
The same two — Musinskoye pyramid (the nearest village by name) or Kyzyl-tashevskie — the so called mountain. Both on the side of a fairly high mountains, covered with forests. These pyramids are located at a distance of two kilometers from each other, and have a have a foundation height of about 70 centimeters. Perhaps because of his pyramid is preserved almost intact. All the structures are oriented to the cardinal points. To establish their exact age is not possible.
Even through the masonry trees sprouted here and there. Indeed correct pyramidal shape. Masonry careful. The stones are covered with lichen. The size of a small pyramid height — about 1.5 m, length of the base — about four. Before the Egyptian way. Far and age. Can not say for sure, but for thousands of years, do not pull. Very simple in architecture — given enough time and effort, you can even build a single person.
However, these pyramids are still very unusual. Confused, the place chosen for their construction is very uncomfortable — the slope. Very close to the top, and there's plenty of flat spots, and an overview of wider. It would seem that they belong there. However, they like to hide, sacrificing for the sake of convenience of the construction. One pyramid is beginning to break down, sliding down the slope. At the top of the mountain, it would stand intact. All this mystery. Built in uncomfortable, hidden from the gaze of idle places Musinskoye pyramid does not quite correspond to the classical Uba.
I have heard horror stories, and the loss of those who tried to destroy or dismantle these pyramids. As objects of material culture, they might be of interest to archaeologists.
Director of children's Uchalinskoe tourist club Rima Galeeva than a year leads students on hikes to beautiful places Uchalinskoe district — in the forest and the mountains. Several times they organized tours, expeditions and mysterious attractions.
— The boys were measured in pyramid power — over two meters of wire begins to actively spin. And then, you know, after a visit to the pyramids I felt very devastated, as if all the power went off — shares his impressions of it. — One pyramid — the one that urazovskaya known for a long time — it even in 80 years, geologists found. But the other had to look.
They say that the mood of the pyramid is changing.
Yes, for each person in their own way, they act as if. Someone sad, someone pyramids provoke an indescribable joy, such a burst of energy that you do not want to go straight. And some people, pyramids are not allowed.
Reference: Uchalu — a city in Russia, Bashkortostan republican subordination. The city is located in the eastern mountain range Uraltau, 350 km from Ufa.

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