In the Gomel region the young man died from a lightning strike

The afternoon of 19 July, Turov (Zhitkovichi district of Gomel region) on the banks of the Pripyat River, died from a lightning strike 20-year-old boy from Zhlobin. Told the paramedic ambulance, death occurred before the arrival of medics. Now, law enforcement officials are checking into the matter, said the police department of Gomel Oblast Executive Committee.

A similar case has been recorded in the Gomel region on May 23. Then in Rogachev man born in 1975 was burned torso, arms, chest and abdomen, as it was struck by lightning. Umbrella that the victim was carrying, burned, clothes torn into small pieces, was also damaged shoes, BelaPAN.

As already reported the Telegraph, July 19, due to heavy rain and wind in Belarus has been de-energized 499 settlements.

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