In the heavenly gardens father Longin …



This is the story of the Holy Ascension Monastery "Banchen", which is the prior of the Hero of Ukraine, Archimandrite Father Longinus, father of many children and the guardian of orphans with disabilities.

It's hard to believe that just 17 years ago, there was a vacant lot. As it is difficult to imagine what was worth huge amounts of money and is worth all this splendor. But does it have any value when the eye is happy looking at miracles by the hands of these masters.


The first thing that catches your eye — is the perfect cleanliness, grooming, and of course, plenty of plants and flower gardens (flowers and fountains — archetype of the Garden of Eden).



Very hot and flowing everywhere refined fragrance lilies, which, of course, is very symbolic — lily — a flower of the Annunciation, the flower of the Virgin Mary.



We approach the front gate the Gate Tower. Her height — 50 meters. Above — the bell tower with a 10-ton bell.



And here is the first name of one of the donors. It turns out that there are still patrons in Ukraine.



Go through the gate. Left — Rotunda of St. Sergius of Radonezh:



Right — Transfiguration Church:



It seems that there is a refectory of the monastery. The monastery is relatively large. Now it is home to about 80 monks and novices.



Right in the middle of the gate — the temple of the Annunciation:



Emphasis is placed on writing in Romanian. Most of the population of surrounding villages — Romanians. Therefore, almost all of the services performed in the temples in Romanian. I recall that an Orthodox monastery. But here and observe their own, their own rules that are different from ours.



For the temple — a small house, where I saw a few elderly women. Approached them. I wanted to ask about how and when you can see the father of Longinus. It turned out to hospice.
Note the interesting column to the right of the building. This dovecote.



Father Longinus not only takes care of the children. It is home to the infirm old women, most of them — people with disabilities, with a hard life, not be necessary either children or the state.
And if you saw the glowing eyes of old ladies at the mention of his father Longinus.



In addition to old ladies, here patronize grandparents with disabilities. They live in the care of the monks.






And here is the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The highest church in Ukraine. They built the temple of the world for the past five years. Thousands of people from the neighborhood helped in its construction. Of course, not without its patrons. The main charitable contribution made Firtash — Chairman of the Joint motion employers.



Let's go inside. Temple painted the best masters of Ukraine. Many murals were performed on ancient technologies.



Church prayers and hymns may sound. In this monastery life, basically — night.
And such a huge temple was almost empty. That would be detached from everything mirskogo.No, of course, about any of my prayer is not out of the question. Walked, stunned all this magnificence, not knowing where and what to look for. First hid his camera, knowing that as a rule, in such churches is forbidden photography. But then grew bolder. Moreover, that never hung prohibited signs.



As it turned out, in vain have I hid my fotokameru.Vezhlivo asked not to take pictures only during the liturgy, so as not to distract the faithful. 



ng monastery. Amazing place. Come back here at any time of the day or night. Fed, if you're hungry. Live, if necessary, in a purpose-built House of the pilgrim. Photograph. Sit in the temples. Pray observe, think, reflect, admire the interior decoration. If you can and want — to make its contribution to the poorhouse, at a children's home at the temple … (However, I have never seen assigned for this purpose boxes labeled "Victim of the temple").

Domes with golden stars, silence, friendly brethren, neat old lady, well-groomed and hard-working children, and everywhere — beauty. Such beauty that must save the world.




 Note: May 22, 2012, Archimandrite Longin (heat) in the Cathedral of the Kiev St. Panteleimon Monastery of Theophany female consecrated bishop Banchenskogo, Vicar of the Diocese of Chernivtsi.

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