In the Komi Republic started to revive small aircraft and purchase new aircraft

The purchase of new aircraft marks an important stage revival of small aircraft in the Republic of Komi. This was announced today, the head region of Komi Vyacheslav Gaiser on examination of the first of three new universal twin-engine aircraft, purchased for use on the local air traffic.

According to ITAR-TASS, the press service of the regional administration, the aircraft grade L-410 Czech production capacity of 19 passengers arrived in Syktyvkar. In addition to passenger aircraft may be used to provide services sanaviatsii and emergency services in the event of emergencies, including for the delivery of troops for fighting forest fires.

"The revival of the local aviation — one of the key objectives of the transport industry of the Republic of Komi. We continue to address the issue of development and availability of domestic air travel, especially in municipalities, where there is no air traffic and off-road conditions where it is the only one possible. Therefore, the Government of the Republic adopted the principle the acquisition of three modern, safe aircraft for the organization of socially significant intra-country flight, "- said the head of the Republic of Komi.

According to Vyacheslav Gaiser, two similar aircraft will arrive to the country this spring. Aircraft to be used for flights to all cities in the region, including Inta and Vuktyl in which air traffic previously carried out only by helicopters, as well as transport of passengers and goods in the rural district centers: Ust-Tzilma, Izhmu, Koslan and Trinity-Pech.

The head of the region noted that the use of their own aircraft — one of the stages of implementation of actions for the development of air links and the airport complex of the republic: the restoration of the ground infrastructure, modernization of equipment and procurement of construction equipment in accordance with the requirements of aviation security.

"In this case, one of the key parameters is the price for an air ticket, which should be compared with the cost of travel in a train compartment in this direction. Such a task is set before the air carrier and the Government of the Republic of Komi here will use every opportunity for every person to a roughly equal to choose which form of transport most convenient for their movement. This intraregional traffic stop, we're not going to. And now consider the possibility of organizing inter-regional air transportation from the airport of Syktyvkar in Kazan, Kirov, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities, "- said Vyacheslav Gaiser .

L-410 aircraft purchases SUE RK "Komiaviatrans" on a lease. The company owns all the airports of the Republic, which will soon be upgraded. Until now, the region has not been small planes and helicopters "Komiaviatrans" has 28 ships.

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