In the Krasnoyarsk region destroyed 300 hectares of poisoned vegetables

As reported, bailiffs have already killed more than 30 huge greenhouses with vegetables in the village Kubekovo Yemelyanovo district. Already mowed 60 acres of plantations with cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage. In the course were rakes, scythes and shovels. And assistant inventory had to use the same wage worker, who worked in the greenhouses.

The court found the land unsuitable for growing crops in the last year. However, entrepreneurs continued to exploit the land and fertilize its agrochemicals. Properties of fertilizers is very capricious. The first soil samples may be inaccurate. Need to check a few times. Fruits of the greenhouses that were already on the tables for people to influence their health.

"Detected substances belong to the first class of danger, that can have the most negative impact on human health. High concentration of these substances in the body can lead to changes at the cellular level, ie, to cancer, to the disruption of the nervous and immune system ", — explained Head of state land management control Rosselkhoznadzor Krasnoyarsk region Nina Erokhina.

For reclamation of soils require from one to one and a half years. After that, here again, you can grow vegetables. But will the new land user take care of the soil and do not abuse harmful chemicals is still unknown. All the more so Rosselkhoznadzor has no right to inspect businesses, period of activity which does not exceed three years.

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