In the Kuban River released 55,000 species of sturgeons

Last week GBU QC "Kubanbioresursy" released into the environment 55,000 large animals of four species of sturgeon yearlings: beluga, Russian sturgeon, sturgeon and stellate sturgeon. Similar issues sturgeon weighing 90 to 300 grams are planned before the end of this year.

To fry released into nature does not become easy prey for predators and could self-sufficient in food, was conducted before the release of a complex adaptation measures, including increasing swimming activity, adaptive responses to the presence of predators, sound, light, etc. In this case, to avoid competition for food, space release of juveniles were distributed along the bed of the river to one hundred miles away from each other. To avoid hitting the young rice in water intake system, the reintroduction was carried out below Fedorovsk and Tihovsky waterworks on the river. Kuban.

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