In the Pacific typhoon rages «MUIFA»

In the Pacific typhoon rages «MUIFA»July 28 afternoon in the south of the Philippine Sea, near the Caroline Islands, a tropical depression came ninth in this year's typhoon named «MUIFA». Pressure at its center was 998 hPa. He slowly shifted to the north and rapidly gaining strength. This morning, a tropical cyclone was at coordinates 18.5 ° N and 133.5 ° E Pressure at the center of these three days dropped by 68 hPa and was 930 hPa. Already day pressure at its center remains unchanged, it reached its maximum development.

Wind near the center of the hurricane reached values — 45 m / s, the radius of gale force winds of 500 km, the wave height of 8-10 meters. In the coming days it is expected to further shift to the north. Tomorrow morning, a tropical whirlwind came out at coordinates 21.1 ° N and 133.7 ° E, slows their movement and will not move to the north and north-west (where the so-called turning point). Over the next two days is expected to further advance in the north-west and in the afternoon on August 4th typhoon «MUIFA» all its might come down on the Ryukyu Islands (Japan), bringing tropical rain and strong wind.

The weather Primorye typhoon «MUIFA» will have no effect. All forward-looking model (Russian and foreign) forecast further displacement of typhoon number nine in the north-west to the coast of China.

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