In the Pit-Yah (Khanty-Mansiysk) has opened a new kindergarten for 260 places Squirrel

December 12 at Pit-Yah turn in kindergartens decreased by 260 kids. The city opened a new kindergarten.

Preschool built in 2 years. With a small break in the time of economic crisis.

Kindergarten "Squirrel" is equipped with what is called a state of the art. It has — inhalation, two children's gym, a relaxation room, a winter garden, playing and sleeping rooms, 2 swimming pools, which employees referred to as "blue" and "green" room of Fine Arts with easels and 2 gyms.

In addition, the designers have taken care of the safety of children — in the corridors of almost no sharp corners. And the building is equipped with CCTV, panic buttons call the police and fire departments. Video:…3_kamer_videonabludeniya/

Natalia Tolstoy, head of the kindergarten "Squirrel": "Kindergarten — a fairy tale, which has 13 teams, which will be brought up to 260 pupils kids very good conditions, according to the Pure Water is very joyful atmosphere, very bright colors, very good toys. From babies to work therapist, educator and psychologist. The kids we have a very cozy and comfortable. "

In recent years, the third district significantly "overgrown" new buildings, and, consequently, the new residents. In many families, the kids grow up, and the opening of a new pre-school — this is another important step to address the shortage of kindergartens in Pyt-Yah. Because the grand opening event of the new kindergarten, designed for 260 seats, was a real event in the life of the city. It was attended not only responsible for the progress of construction professionals, government officials, but also to employees of educational institutions and social Pyt-Yah, the parents of future pupils of the garden, the kids themselves. The customer is acted management of capital construction administration Pyt-Yah, the contractor — "Firm-Volga". — Today in our city is a joyous and long-awaited event — finally we open a kindergarten "Squirrel"! — Welcomed the audience at the festival mayor Inna Tarasova. — This is a modern preschool new format, and it meets all modern requirements. In a good way! Together with the Department of Education Ivan Gerbyshem, head of the new kindergarten Natalia Fat Inna P. cut the symbolic ribbon scarlet. After that, the representative of the contractor Denis Meshaykin handed the key of the constructed object of his future mistress — head of the kindergarten Natalie Tolstoy. Bread and salt, the team met the kindergarten guests toured the new kindergarten. And there is much to admire. New kindergarten meets the most stringent requirements, is equipped with modern equipment. Interior finishing is made in a different color palette, furniture and matching interior matched for age preschoolers. There is a garden in the new kind of "spice" — that is something that no other Pit-Yakh gardens — a swimming pool. Of course, it is quite small and consists of two small tanks, "Frogs", a depth of about 60 centimeters. But, of course, and as such it will be of great benefit in hardening kids. The more so that the priority of the new pre-school institutions will engage in physical education. And, then, the promotion of health of kids in the new garden will be given special attention. It has a well-equipped gym, a relaxation room, game room and much more. Thus, the common work of all the members so desired erection Pit-Yahoo! object were not lost, dreams become reality. — A new kindergarten meets the requirements of our time — summarized after a tour of the mayor Inna Tarasova. — It was built by the Government of Khanty-Mansiysk, the regional Duma deputies in the framework of the project of the party "United Russia". Thanks to the administration of the city, the construction company "Firm-Volga" in the person of the director, the deputy of the Duma Meshaykina city of Petra, and everyone who participated in the creation of kindergarten. This pre-school in our town was not there, and I believe that those who build in the future will be even better. In the next six months will be put another kindergarten in the fifth district, and within three years we plan to build another three gardens — a pioneer, on the Hill and in the third district, and thus completely solve the problem of shortage of places in kindergartens, — she said. With words of congratulations and gratitude to the staff of builders and garden addressed first deputy head of the administration of Pyt-Yah Vitaly Boyko. — Today, we all — a great holiday. Happy kids, happy parents. Thanks to all who put his hands to such an important cause. Addressing the staff of the kindergarten, say, like, what would you holili, nurtured and raised their kids true citizens of our country, — he said. For a garden that day was prepared festive program. In front of them were students of the future, "Squirrels", children's creative teams. Also, my colleagues on the significant event congratulated the teachers of other educational institutions. And in the days of kindergarten "Squirrel" filled with children, to receive the kids he is 100% ready.

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